What is Web3Auth?

Web3Auth is a pluggable wallet infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications. It streamlines the onboarding of both mainstream and crypto native users in under a minute by providing experiences that they're most comfortable with. With support for all OAuth based logins systems, web & mobile native platforms, Web3Auth provides a seamless onboarding experience for your users.

What does Web3Auth do?

By integrating Web3Auth into your decentralized application (dApp) or blockchain wallet, you can significantly streamline the user onboarding process, making it an effortless and straightforward experience for your users. At the same time, Web3Auth allows you to retain the non-custodial characteristic of your wallet management system, which means users maintain full control and ownership of their cryptographic wallets, reinforcing the principles of privacy and security inherent in blockchain technology. For more information about Web3Auth check out their official documentation

Live Implementation on unreal

Please visit the deployed react mini site on https://gelato-raas-aa.web.app/?network=unreal with a live implementation of web3Auth and safe on unreal

The code can be found at https://github.com/gelatodigital/gelato-raas-aa-ui