Overview and Goals

The Rewards Program is designed to attract users to re.al and incentivize their active participation in the ecosystem. By offering 10% of RWA supply to new users, the program aims to foster a loyal user base that is invested in the long-term success of re.al.

Key Goals:

  • Attract Liquidity: We aim to kickstart a thriving ecosystem by offering rewards for bridging to the chain and providing liquidity.

  • Introduce Apps: Users can activate multipliers by engaging with different apps on re.al, allowing them to experience key features and benefits that could attract them for the long-term.

  • Reward Participants: Users who contribute to the ecosystem's growth will be rewarded with veRWA tokens, representing a share in decentralized governance.

veRWA will be distributed in a locked position, encouraging long-term commitment to the ecosystem. To unlock the position, a portion of the RWA must be burned. This permanently reduces supply and benefits remaining holders via increased yields. The veRWA unlock penalty discourages short-term speculative behavior while enhancing the value proposition for long-term holders.

Learn more about veRWA tokenomics and ecosystem revenue sharing.

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