The ecosystem is open and fully composable, and we welcome any builders who wish to explore the power of tokenized RWAs on the chain. embraces the decentralized nature of the space and will support an active governance system on the chain. Governance will follow a primarily off-chain governance process:

  • Discussions initiated by either the core team or community members will be shared with the larger community via forum discussion.

  • Discussions with sufficient merit and support will progress into formal “RIP” proposals which are subsequently voted upon by veRWA holders.

  • Approved proposals will be implemented per proposal terms, carried forward by members of the core team, fulfilling the will of the community and voters.

This style of governance is considered "off-chain" because the result of the governance vote does not automatically trigger on-chain actions, such as the deployment of new code or the transfer of assets from one wallet to another.

Governance Roadmap


  • Design the guiding principles, basic framework and process to manage governance, community discussion and proposal development and implementation on

  • Draft governance documentation


  • Revise and finalize governance documentation

  • Codify governance systems in the protocol docs

  • Set-up key infrastructure and software to facilitate the governance system

  • Share and promote governance set-up within the community


  • Launch governance and open community forum for proposals

All attempts will be made to accelerate governance implementation beyond the timeline presented above.

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