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Tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) represent a transformative development in the intersection of blockchain technology and traditional financial assets.

What Are Tokenized RWAs?

Tokenized RWAs can be physical, tangible assets like real estate, art or precious metals, or financial instruments like US Treasuries, stocks, ETFs or derivatives, held in the real world and used to back digital representations of the assets (tokens) on a blockchain. Through tokenization, traditional assets benefit from the inherent advantages of blockchain technology, including transparency, security, liquidity and ease of transfer.

Why Do Tokenized RWAs matter?

Tokenization imbues valuable real world assets with greater operability, including increased access, liquidity and composability.

Traditionally, investing in assets like real estate required significant capital, making them inaccessible to the average investor. Tokenization breaks down these financial barriers enabling a broader range of buyers to own and benefit of these assets. We believe this leads to a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Tokenizing RWAs brings enhanced liquidity and global access to markets that are typically characterized by their illiquidity. Buying or selling a piece of real estate can be a lengthy and complex process. Yet tokenized real estate can be bought or sold in 15 seconds, just like any other crypto asset. Combined with the global nature of crypto markets, it's now easy for anyone, anywhere to access valuable RWAs, unencumbered by procedural or geographical restrictions.

Combined with DeFi primitives, tokenized RWAs can be used to build innovative financial products and services, maximizing the impact of some of the world's most established assets. One-click borrowing and leverage, concentrated liquidity provision and additional asset composability all give new utility to "old" assets. Simultaneously, some RWAs produce a consistent, uncorrelated source of yield that flows into the cryptoeconomy, a unique non-zero-sum benefit to all market participants. recognizes the power of RWAs to improve the cryptoeconomy and the financial standing of users world-wide which is why we've built, crypto's largest, permissionless chain for tokenized RWAs.

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