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Overview is a Layer-2 solution enhancing Ethereum, providing an EVM-compatible environment for seamless integration. It utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques for efficiency and inherits Ethereum's security.

Connecting to Testnet Testnet and its related documentation are under active development.

All feedback is welcome and highly appreciated. Please report errors or inconsistencies to a team member or as an issue on our Issues Tracker, thank you.

To manually add the Testnet network to your wallet, use the following details:

Unreal Testnet Network Details

Network AttributeValue



Settlement Layer






The public summary of the testnet can be found here.

To add the network to MetaMask, you can either enter the data above manually or use the link provided at the bottom of the Testnet Block Explorer page.

Bridging Assets to Testnet

To start interacting with the Testnet, you'll need to bridge your assets. Bridging assets involves transferring cryptocurrencies from one blockchain (Ethereum) to another ( Testnet). This process expands your asset's utility by enabling its use within the ecosystem.

To bridge your assets to the Testnet, follow this link to the unreal network bridge.

Deploying Smart Contracts on

The provides a development environment that is designed to be familiar to those who have worked with Ethereum. It allows developers to deploy smart contracts using existing Ethereum tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and a user experience characterized by higher throughput and reduced transaction costs.

To learn more about how to deploy your smart contracts to the Testnet, refer to our comprehensive guide below.

Deploy Smart Contracts on Testnet ↗️

Support Channels

For support, developers can consult the community on platforms like StackExchange or join the official Discord server.

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