RWA Rewards Program

The veRWA rewards program is officially live at

Our goal is to create the most transparent and value-driven airdrop campaign in DeFi, with rewards values that can be verified by any user.

Recognizing the fatigue and frustration caused by long, opaque points systems, we've designed a program that offers clear and immediate insights into earnings, ensuring a fair and engaging experience for all participants.

No more projecting FDV to calculate rewards value. Using the live trading price of $RWA, users can see the current dollar value of their rewards at any time. This makes it easy for users to calculate their personal program APR.

Starting with the first block after 00:00 UTC on July 1st, our reporting algorithm will begin tracking on-chain TVL and wallet activity for the Season 1 rewards. The reporting algo can be reviewed at any time.

While users will need a referral link to join the program, all on-chain activity will be retroactively captured and credited to users upon sign-up. Referral links will be shared by ecosystem partners and supporters on Twitter, follow us for more info.

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