Calculating Points

Transparency is paramount in this program, which is why the reporting algorithm is being shared publicly in addition to our disclosures on tokens and multiplier rewards.

Points will be calculated based on average time-weighted exposures over the holding period. Large positions held briefly will receive fewer points, and flash-loan transactions will earn zero points.

We will automatically monitor key protocols such as the bridge and RWA app, Pearl, Tangible, Stack, and Arcana. As new protocols deploy on, they will be evaluated for inclusion in the rewards program based on their contributions to the chain.

All transfers will be scanned to calculate each user's average holdings, including rebases and new NFT mints. Swaps on Pearl will also be tracked, with rewards capped to discourage bot activity.

Points will be computed off-chain and verifiable by anyone. We reserve the right to adjust the algorithm or remove points from wallets that abuse the system. Point totals will be updated daily with all eligible on-chain activity receiving the correct share of points based on current multipliers.

Visit our Discord for additional support on the program and follow us on Twitter for more updates on the growth of the ecosystem.

Points Reporting Algo

Transparency is fundamental to our team and a critical component to what makes this rewards program unique. As such, the scraping tool used to identify and record user points can be reviewed at any time at this link:

Policy on Report Revisions:

  1. We will not correct the reports based on the particulars of any individual user's accrued points nor will we change the points for any individual wallet balance

  2. If you believe we are miscalculating something fundamental, please open a ticket and we will explore

  3. If systemic inaccuracies are discovered, we will adjust and recalculate for all users

We also reserve the right to adjust the algorithm and/or multipliers at any time. We will share those updates as they're made.

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