Program Specifics

US persons including US residents are not eligible to access or redeem points.

The Rewards Program emphasizes transparency and real-time value tracking, ensuring participants always know the token total and dollar value of their rewards.

  • 3.33 million RWA (10% of the total supply) will be distributed over an 8 month period.

  • The first season will start on July 1st, and it will end on August 30th.

  • 100% of the tokens will be distributed to users

5% of the Season 1 token supply will be allocated to a “pre-season,” rewarding early users/farmers who engaged with prior to the Rewards Program launch on July 1st|.

The team reserves the right to redistribute future multipliers at any time, impacting future rewards earnings, not past rewards accruals.

The tokens being tracked and their corresponding points multiplier will be kept up-to-date in the program UI. This ensures all users have full transparency into how rewards are calculated and where they can earn the most rewards.

Our program is designed to be sybil-resistant and fair, rewarding users based on their TVL held on the chain and the value of their actions, with additional incentives for specific high-value transactions and activities.

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