Install + log in

  1. Create an account at

  2. Create an API key on the Settings page.

  3. Install the Goldsky CLI:

    curl | sh
  4. Log in with the API key created earlier:

    goldsky login

Build and deploy

Deploy your subgraph in one of four ways:

Build and deploy from source

cd <your-subgraph-directory>
graph build # Build your subgraph as normal.
goldsky subgraph deploy my-subgraph/1.0.0

Build & Deploy from ABI and address

goldsky subgraph deploy your-subgraph-name/your-version --from-abi <path-to-config-file>

Query Endpoint

Access data by querying the endpoints. Use the following command to list all your subgraphs, and open the “GraphQL API” links that get printed in your browser to query your data in the GraphQL playground.

goldsky subgraph list