How to Lock $RWA

Lock $RWA: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Make sure you are on the Lock & Claim page.

  2. Click on “Connect Wallet” and select your preferred wallet.

    1. In this demonstration, Metamask is selected. Note that using other wallets might result in different prompts in your wallet.

  3. On the left, input the amount of RWA you wish to lock.

  4. On the right, select the lock duration from a minimum of 1 month to a max of 36 months. Longer locks result in higher veRWA voting power and more revenue sharing.

  5. Now click on “Lock RWA”, approve the token spending and execute the transaction.

  6. Your new veRWA position will show in the tab “My Locks”, where you can manage it through multiple actions:

    1. Vesting: Since the lock is designed to keep perpetually the duration set at the time of the locking, the position is not automatically vested. To actually start the vesting, you have to deposit the veRWA position into the vesting contract, and from that time it will take the lock duration to completely vest. When a veRWA position is deposited into the vesting contract, the voting power instantly goes to zero and the user does not receive rewards anymore.

    2. Unlock: If you don’t want to wait for the vesting period, you can unlock your position instantly by paying an unlock penalty. The unlock penalty is 50% at max lock duration (36 months), and reduces linearly based on the lock time remaining.

    3. Extend: If you selected less than the max lock duration, you can extend it whenever you want.

    4. Merge: If you have multiple veRWA positions, you can merge them into a combined lock. Note that the resulting lock will default to the lock period of the longer duration.

    5. Split: You can also split an existing lock into up to 12 new positions to manage them individually.

    6. Transfer: Finally, you can transfer your lock to a different wallet address.

  7. When rewards start accruing, you can claim them from the Lock & Claim page or directly from the My Balances page.

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