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Current Price Feeds

So far we have deployed the GOLD (XAU) and GBP price feeds on Unreal with Chainlink interface adapter.

Price FeedContract address


coming soon...


Code Snippets

Querying Prices

const getLatestSignedPrice = async () => {
  return await sdk.requestDataPackages({
    dataServiceId: "redstone-primary-prod",
    uniqueSignersCount: 3,
    dataFeeds: ["XAU"],
    urls: [""],

const dataPackagesResponse = await getLatestSignedPrice();

const { dataPackage } = dataPackagesResponse["XAU"]![0];

const parsedPrice = parsePrice(dataPackage.dataPoints[0].value);

Updating Price

const wrappedAdapter =
const { dataPackage } = dataPackagesResponse["ETH"]![0];
await wrappedAdapter.updateDataFeedsValues(dataPackage.timestampMilliseconds);

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